Cultivate counseling, counseling services with courage and hope

Counseling Services in Flagstaff, Arizona 

The journey towards change always begins with courage -- courage to tell your story, courage to believe that things can be different. Cultivate Counseling was founded on the belief that hope is cultivated by courage and that with hope humans have the capacity for healing, growth and change. The journey is not easy and it takes hard work, Cultivate Counseling is a place where individuals can talk about the hardships they face and find new tools to address the challenges that arise.We recognize the harm that comes from discrimination and stigma, and therefore our practices affirm the value of difference. We always start with exactly where you are. We look at how your life is being impacted in the present moment and move out from there.
It would be an honor to walk alongside you on your journey from courage to hope. 

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Why a Labyrinth?

The work of counseling is much like walking through a labyrinth. A labyrinth is an ancient symbol that symbolizes a journey inward along one path and the journey outward along the exact same path. As you do the work of cultivating the soil of your stories and changing what you have always come to believe about yourself, you come into the inner most parts of who you are. In that place, you are able to change the narrative that you have always told yourself. You are able to see the light that will lead you back out. Once you reach the center of the labyrinth, you turn and walk out along the very same path but somehow the path you’ve walked before looks different. It doesn’t hold the same tension it did before; it doesn’t have the same power over you any more. It’s a path where you are the leader -- where you're able to listen, respond and tune in to the world around you instead of tuning out to stay alive. The path that leads out is a path of hope and excitement about what life is and what life could be.